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Friday, December 30, 2016   /   by David Veenstra

Watch what happens when this son gives his parents his Christmas gift! WOW!

Source: Fox News Insider

Joe Requelme has almost single-handedly broken the Internet after uploading what’s become a massively viral video of him giving his parents their Christmas present. The gift? A note which simply read: “Your house is paid off. Merry Xmas.” Watch the heartwarming video below, and see how his parents reacted:

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Monday, December 12, 2016   /   by David Veenstra

How does a higher interest rate affect your mortgage payment? -

Kalamazoo real estate: Since the election, interest  rates have started going up.  Higher interest rates will have a direct effect on the cost that home buyers will pay for housing.  There is a rule of thumb that a ½% change in interest is approximately equal to 5% change in price. Stated another way,  if the interest rate goes up by ½%  the impact on your budget is almost the same as having to pay 5% more on the price of the house.  That means the monthly payment for a $250,000 house that you can purchase at today's interest rates would cost you the same as if you are buying that same house for $262,500 once the interest rates go up 5%. 
If you wait until interest rates go up, it will cost you more each month to live in the very same home. If you would want to keep your monthly payments about the same you will have to purchase a lower priced home.   
To get the most value for your money, it may be the best t ...

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Friday, December 9, 2016   /   by David Veenstra

Tips for living in your house while it is for sale!

Kalamazoo Real Estate - Our houses are one of the largest and most expensive assets most of us will ever own. It's where we lay our head down at night, the place we make memories and call home. Selling your Kalamazoo home can be one of the most overwhelming and stressful experiences you may ever go through. So here are 18 tips for living in your home after the Veenstra Team lists it for sale.  We will be marketing your home in many traditional ways and many "out of the box" ways to get it sold quickly, but these tips will help you through the process:

Yes, make the beds every day!
If you smoke, don't do it in the house! And if you've smoked in the house it would pay to have a restoration company come try to treat it or consider having it completely painted to rid the smell.
Dishes up. :)
Keep closets and storage areas organized, the larger they appear the better!
Keep it smelling nice. If you cook something strange, air it out!
Keep the temperature comfortable and season ...

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Monday, October 24, 2016   /   by David Veenstra

Found: Down payment money

Kalamazoo real estate:  Saving for a down payment for a home is considered by most people to be a wise investment plan.  A home usually appreciates in value and is often the major cornerstone of wealth building for people.  There are many different kinds of loans and some of them are available to people with a very low down payment.  For example, a veteran can often get a VA loan with no or almost no down payment.  There are "rural development loans" which are no down payment loans (and the qualifying areas are NOT all that rural in Kalamazoo.  Connect with us to use a unique tool we personally programmed to find all homes that qualify.) There are also loans that are available with 3.5% of the purchase price down, 5% of the purchase price down, 10% down 20% down and more.  Recognize that the best interest rates and the lowest long term price of a house will be reached by those who have the most money saved.  
There ARE other ways to get a down p ...

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Monday, October 3, 2016   /   by David Veenstra

Real Estate comes out on top for people's choice of investment vehicle.

Kalamazoo Real Estate - Real estate is the preferred choice for investing money by Americans as identified in a recent survey. With the Dow Jones industrial average reaching record highs, one might expect that the stock market would be the favored choice but that wasn’t the outcome.
Analysis of the report suggests that the popularity for houses could be that they are tangible assets that you can see where your money is actually invested compared to stocks and bonds which tend to be unclear where the money is invested.
There are several distinct advantages of real estate as investments over other popular alternatives.

High loan-to-value mortgages may be available
Fixed interest rates are still low and very appealing
Your mortgage can be repayable over long periods of time
Real estate has a history of appreciating 
There are tax advantages
You have reasonable control over your investment and you can chose to manage the property yourself or hire a management ...

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